To live a long life, free from disease, preventative medicine, building resilience and strong immunity is key.

The longest living people in the world live in harmony with their surroundings, eat a fresh plant based diet and suffer very little stress.

Don’t wait until you have disease to start living well, start living well now,  to prevent disease.

  • Nature…

Spend time in nature.
Sunlight on your skin, breeze through your hair.
Fill your lungs with phytochemicals from the trees.
Soak in minerals from the sea.
Open your windows wide every morning and let the fresh air in.

  • Reduce stress …

Take time for yourself.
Write down your thoughts.
Learn how to switch off.
Spend time with friends.
Learn to prepare nourishing meals.
Dance, sing, make music – whichever delights you.
Take siestas to re charge.

  • Movement…

Spend 5-10 minutes doing some simple stretches every morning.

Keep the body in motion, be less rigid and resist the temptation to always rush everywhere.

Exercise, your body is designed to move, not to be sedentary.

Keeping your muscles flexible, strong & healthy helps to prevent injury.

  • Eat plants…

Make your diet at least 90% plants – fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains & herbs.

Eating plants supports your immune system, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol & stabilises blood sugar.

Plant based diets increase energy, enhance athletic performance, boost focus & prevent disease.

  • Reduce the burden on your digestive system…

Eat your largest meal at lunchtime, when your digestive fire is highest.

Eat smaller meals in the evening.

As often as possible eat nothing after 3pm until, at the earliest 7am the next day.

Digestion uses up to 70% of our daily energy, reducing the need for constant digestion,  allows the body energy to heal & repair.

  • Stop eating before you’re ‘full.’

Overeating is one of the biggest causes of disease.

Eat to about 80% capacity.

Eat slowly & mindfully, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to signal that your stomach is full.

  • Drink

Drink a large glass of warm water first thing, with lemon if you like, it helps clear accumulated mucus, improves circulation & aids digestion.

Never drink coffee on an empty stomach, it’s extremely acidic and drink it in the morning.

Drink herbal teas in the afternoon, no caffeine after 3pm.

  • Take herbs daily…

Herbal medicine can safely be used as a daily tonic, to enhance wellbeing, prevent disease and potentially increase longevity.

Tonic herbs are adjusted with the seasons & according to changing health concerns.

Lifestyle choices are within your control – ultimately wellness is self empowerment!