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Jane, 49

When I first contacted Amanda, I had started to suffer clear peri menopausal symptoms, the worst of which were hot flushes and losing words, as well as disturbed sleep. As I also suffer with Crohn’s disease and am vegan, I am very careful what I put into my body. I contacted Amanda for a more holistic approach, rather than hormonal treatments or medications.

Since I started taking the remedies prescribed by Amanda following my consultation with her, the results have been stunning. I am no longer suffering hot flushes; I feel emotionally more level and don’t suffer word loss to the extent I had previously. My sleep is settled and all with the added benefit that it has not impacted on my Crohn’s either.

I can’t express what a difference it has made to my life and I intend on looking at this more holistic approach for my health, in particular as I continue to go through the menopause.

Jill, 49

Jill contacted me to enquire about my Salvia Complex capsules. She had seen various doctors seeking help for her peri- menopause symptoms and had been prescribed a few, different hormone replacement treatments but felt they were making her symptoms worse.

Jill felt she didn’t need to have a full consultation with me at that time and said she was so tired of talking about it.

We had a chat to discuss her suitability for the capsules and discussed her diet and lifestyle.

Jill – “I really cannot praise your Salvia Complex enough, it’s a miracle. I was prescribed oestrogen patches which still gave me hot flushes & night sweats, then HRT which made me nauseous with headaches. My GP switched me onto a different HRT and doubled the dose!! Symptoms stopped for one month, then returned with a vengeance. I now felt dreadful, I had time off work as I could not cope – crying, nervous, loss of all libido and joy of life.

I then received your capsules which you kindly posted out to me in New Zealand, they really were put to the test. I was so desperate I would have tried anything to feel better (I could not have felt worse).

Around ten days later I had the first full night’s sleep I’ve had in a year – no night sweats, no visits to the loo. I awoke refreshed and revived!! My anxiety and hot flushes have gone, I have much less bloating and I am successfully reducing my weight – I’d gained 21 pounds on oestrogen.

To sum up, I feel so well I am elated and feel wonderful.”

Joanne, 36

Joanne contacted me with complaints of depression and anxiety. She had suffered a major loss and had trouble coping with life since. With the onset of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown, the situation had become much worse.

Joanne was prescribed the drug Zoloft, commonly prescribed to treat depression, panic and anxiety disorders. She stopped taking it after three months because of side effects including, dizziness, insomnia, dyspepsia and nausea.

Following her consultation, Joanne said she felt motivated to return to healthy eating however, because of her nutrient deficient diet, especially over the past months some supplementation was required to compliment her herbal prescription. We discussed nutrition in detail and we worked out an achievable diet plan together.

Joanne – “I felt such a big improvement, my panic attacks have stopped and I now feel I am able to get on with my life, no longer stuck with a dark cloud over my head”.

Diana, 52

Diana decided to come to see me primarily because of debilitating night sweats, which had been causing regularly disturbed sleep for a period of three months. Other presenting complaints included hot flushes during the daytime, low mood, irritability and day long headaches. She had also gained over a stone in weight and her usual weight loss methods were no longer working.

Diana had discussed taking hormone replacement therapy with her G.P but she was reluctant to do so and wished to try natural remedies first.

With Diane I needed to spend time discussing nutrition, as always we discussed a practical nutrition plan which she implemented immediately. I prepared her a herbal formula to address her hot flushes, night sweats and headaches. To compliment this I prescribed my Phellodendron formula to help her low mood and irritability.

Diana – “I was introduced to Amanda by a mutual friend and after chatting to her on the phone about my concerns I made an appointment for a consultation. The consultation was by zoom which I’d never done before but Amanda put me at ease immediately. I had a top to toe consultation, many aspects of my life and body systems were discussed, including the effects of the menopause upon my mental health.

Amanda was professional and caring at all times, we discussed changes I could make to my diet and she even told me about how, the way I eat and what time I eat, could make a big difference to me. Two days later I received a herbal formula tailored just for me to take 3 times per day. Within 3 weeks I noticed a vast improvement in my hot sweats both during the night and the day. Very shortly after this period they disappeared altogether and ever since I’ve been sleeping soundly most nights. I also suffered from conditions relating to my mental health which are also being treated successfully. I’ve lost a few pounds because I’ve been feeling more motivated to eat healthier and do some exercise.

Therefore, I would highly recommend the advice and herbal medicines available from Amanda”


“I was so close to burnout when I contacted Amanda, peri-menopause symptoms had really got me so low, my diet was awful, my skin was dreadful, I had very little energy and I was fully aware my health was suffering, something needed to change. After the initial in depth consultation with Amanda and the lifestyle analysis, she knew where to start and what to tackle first. She prescribed dietary supplements and a herbal remedy that would soon have me back on track. Just two weeks later, I’d started to notice the difference. The worst of my peri-menopause symptoms were reducing in frequency, energy levels had increased, my appetite had increased and I finally started to believe I was in recovery. I’m still using the herbal capsules and have just ordered more – I do know what a mess I’d be now if I’d not seen Amanda then.”

“I cannot recommend Holistic Herbology enough! After struggling for years with hormone issues and female health problems, I feel like Amanda was able to get my body into a more natural balance and my symptoms are dramatically reduced.”

“Amanda is friendly, compassionate, honest and understanding. I am blessed to have found her clinic and continue to refer her to anyone who will listen. I am grateful to be feeling well again thanks to a very specific supplement regimen, herbal formula and her guidance after years of complex digestive issues.

I would highly recommend consulting with Amanda for any and all digestive issues.”


“I have been seeing Amanda for around 2 months and during this time have noticed significant improvements in my physical health and wellbeing. At the initial appointment Amanda took the time to understand my whole situation and immediately spotted links between the different symptoms I was experiencing. She has advised me on nutrition and provided me with a number of different herbal medicines. Amanda always responds to any queries I have very quickly and follow up appointments give me renewed focus each time thanks to her optimism and focus on her patients, working with her has allowed me to take control of several health issues and avoid medical intervention, I’m looking forward to continuing my health journey with her.”


“I have been using the sleep mix Amanda prepared for well over a year, initially because of sleep problems associated with restless leg syndrome. While I have been prescribed medication for the leg issue, I still find the sleep mix very useful in helping me to fall asleep, or occasionally to regain sleep if I happen to become restless during the night. One of the important benefits of the sleep mix is that in the morning there are none of the hungover feelings which are commonly associated with conventional sleeping pills.”


“If you would like a better and healthier life-go for Amanda’s herbal products. My improvement has been fantastic since taking these herbs!”


“Amanda was recommended to me by a friend to help with the migraines I have been suffering for years and years. The initial consultation over zoom lasted over an hour, longer than any doctor I’ve seen over the past 20 years.

We talked about lots and lots of different health related issues, lifestyle, eating habits, family, etc. Amanda asked lots of questions to gain a full understanding of me and my health.

Supplements were posted to me quickly and I began the journey to a migraine-free life.

I’ve been taking 3 supplements now for a few months and have only had one migraine to speak of. A huge improvement for me.

What I like about Amanda is that she checks up on your progress and is approachable and kind. She wouldn’t charge me for one supplement that I was struggling to swallow and ordered a replacement.

I would highly recommend Amanda to any migraine sufferer. Thank you xx”

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.”


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